The 25 Drunkest Animals On The Internet

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1. This pug is about to have an awesome night.

ID: 914060

2. These mice are ready to party!

ID: 914283

3. This cockatiel just needs to relax after a long day at work.

ID: 914282

4. This dog is depressed, and beer seems to help.

ID: 914281

5. This squirrel drinks beer with a straw when he can’t afford a cocktail.

ID: 914196

6. This otter would like to share a cold one with his crush.

ID: 914285

7. This puppy has a low tolerance.

ID: 914199

8. But this cat drinks a six-pack every night while watching “House Hunters.”

ID: 914202

9. In every case, though, self-control is key.

ID: 913545

10. Or else you could end up like this.

ID: 912517

11. This horse had one beer too many and ended up with pants on.

ID: 912591

12. These sharks don’t even know where they are right now.

ID: 912603

13. Whiskey makes this bear super angry.

ID: 914105

14. These goats have never met this camel before tonight.

ID: 913115

15. This snail forgot how to sidewalk.

ID: 913083

16. This bat just passed out and that is NOT his bed.

ID: 913254

17. You could end up like this snake.

ID: 913549

18. This dog just woke up here, he doesn’t know…

ID: 914181

19. It’s hard to do stuff when you’re drunk.

ID: 914180

20. This deer does not need to be running errands in this state.

ID: 913576

21. Oh, Frank.

ID: 913577

22. Don’t end up like this corgi.

ID: 914109

25. Drink responsibly, folks.

ID: 914300

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