27 Dogs Who Are Guaranteed To Make You Smile

I bet you’re smiling just thinking about these good dogs!

1. These dogs just want to make you smile and improve your day. Will you let them?

ID: 2485428

2. This dog is extremely excited about this endeavor.

ID: 2463504

3. Here, we have the most perfect dog costume ever invented.

ID: 2463541

4. If this dog can get through this wind, you can get through anything.

Kieran Doherty / Reuters
ID: 2462179

And look amazing doing it.

Kieran Doherty / Reuters
ID: 2462181

5. Are you smiling yet? This good dog is because broccoli is delicious!

ID: 2463534

6. This this golden retriever is more excited about Taco Bell.

ID: 2485384

8. Or you could just take a seat and have a fine dinner with this young gentleman.

ID: 2485695

9. Superdog just wants you to be happy.

ID: 2485985

10. Is this face doing anything for you?

ID: 2485756

11. Maybe you prefer awkward waddles?

ID: 2485475

12. This little man recommends getting into a little bit of trouble.

ID: 2463961

13. How are those cheeks?

ID: 2485484

14. Have you met this future seeing eye dog?

ID: 2485879

15. Maybe you prefer a more scholarly beast?

ID: 2485760

16. Go ahead and get comfy.

ID: 2485781

17. Listen to some jams.

ID: 2462188

18. But don’t fall asleep!

ID: 2485385

19. There are still some dogs who want to meet you!

ID: 2485983

21. This is what friends are for.

ID: 2486000

22. Let it go.

ID: 2485694

23. Be yourself.

ID: 2485787

24. Smile, because you’re the best and dogs exist!

ID: 2485527

25. Dogs!

ID: 2486120

27. DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ID: 2485486

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