Enid The Bunny Is Cooler Than Anyone You Know

This rabbit is the best Instagram follow you will make today.

1. Enid is so cool.

ID: 3225403

2. She only listens to jazz.

ID: 3225408

3. She doesn’t own a TV.

ID: 3225418

4. All of her friends have weird, inexplicable jobs.

ID: 3225428

5. All of her clothes are from the dollar bin.

ID: 3225437

6. She doesn’t use Instagram but she does have a real polaroid.

ID: 3225439

7. Anthopologie gets all of their ideas from Enid.

ID: 3225447

8. Enid is vegan.

ID: 3225449

9. Her house is always immaculately clean.

ID: 3225452

10. She knows things about plants.

ID: 3225453

11. To follow Enid is to recognize your own perpetual uncoolness.

ID: 3225456

12. But she’s way too cool to lord it over you.

ID: 3225458

13. Also she’s a rabbit, so…

ID: 3225460

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