An Inside Look At What It’s Like To Be Surrounded By Sloths

Daniella King is keeping a blog of her world travels, most recently including volunteering at the Sloth Sanctuary and hanging out with sloths in need. AKA LIVING THE DREAM.

1. “Hello!” -Sloth

ID: 670310

2. When you live among sloths, you get lots of hugs.

ID: 670331

3. You have to tend to boo-boos.

ID: 670321

4. Help roommates get along.

ID: 670324

6. Feed sloths their snacks.

ID: 670344

7. Look at this baby sloth, Cory.

ID: 670333

8. Look at this baby sloth, Matthew.

ID: 670337

9. Look at this baby sloth’s little butt.

ID: 670355

10. The only time three-toed sloths don’t smile is when they’re getting a bath.

ID: 670358

11. But two-toed sloths like baths.

ID: 670365

12. Either way, it’s impossible for a human not to smile when holding a baby sloth!

ID: 670362

13. Sloths need buckets,

ID: 670374

15. and more snuggles.

ID: 670380

16. Baby sloths are flirty,

ID: 670379

18. and most of all, happy.

ID: 670411

19. You have to weigh them,

ID: 670381

20. let them kiss you,

ID: 670419

21. and possibly rub their furry tummies.

ID: 670435

23. Being around sloths all day is hard work,

ID: 670432

24. but somebody’s gotta do it.

ID: 670449

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