A Devout Cat Lives At The Hagia Sophia In Istanbul

The Hagia Sophia was built in Turkey 1,475 years ago, and is now a museum dedicated to preserving its history as both an Eastern Orthodox Cathedral and an Imperial Mosque (1453–1931). There remains a worshipper among the flood of tourists – a derpy cat named Gli. (Thanks, Ali)

The Hagia Sophia

Julian Finney / Getty Images

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Meet the pious Gli

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He is pricelessly cross-eyed.

ID: 1123256

A lifetime of reverence can induce perma-derp.

ID: 1123201

He particularly enjoys basking in blessed light and warmth.

ID: 1123234

Here he is, contemplating how God can be found in everything.

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He even shared his wisdom with President Obama!

ID: 1123202

He preaches the gospel of sunny spots and petting.

ID: 1123206

Here, he is lost in prayer.

ID: 1123208

The face of wisdom.

ID: 1123217

Meditating on forgiveness.

ID: 1123210

He’s positively saintly.

ID: 1123215

Sharing his divine grace with tourists.

ID: 1123216

“Sit with me,” he urges.

ID: 1123203

Watching over his flock.

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