40 Precious Dog Photos From The ’40s

The decade of tons of terriers, plus, Navy dogs, and NYC chihuahuas wearing sweaters! We can do it, doggies!

1. Girl and her dog having a party, 1941

3. This dog with a monkey on its back, 1947

4. This dog called Haltmoor Bracken, 1948

5. Two pups on a wall, 1941

6. Margaret O’Brian and her spaniel, Maggie, 1946

7. Fox terrier and pups, 1941

8. This kid’s first dog, 1941

9. This dog at work, 1942

11. This dog named Lad, 1944

12. This happy dog hanging out with his dude and his horse, 1940

13. Billie Holiday’s Dog, Master, ’40s

14. This dog named Jeff at Cape Cod, 1941

15. Doggie dress up, 1941

16. New York City Dog by Elliott Erwin, 1946

17. This soldier with a cattle dog, ’40s

18. Wire-haired terrier puppy, ’40s

19. Naval Air Station mascot, 1943

20. A man with a tiny dog in some kind of bowl or basket, 1946

21. Sailors with a super-cutie, 1948

22. “Millions of puppies, puppies for free”… 1948

23. This super cute dog, 1942

25. This pug belonging to Gloria Swanson, early ’40s

26. Dog on the porch, ’40s

27. Scottie, 1941

28. This Bouvier and his man, 1940

29. A dog named Greaseball, 1943

30. Lady and her pup, Harlem, 1943

31. Dog looking up to his cowboy, 1942

32. Dachsund press photo, 1942

33. Boston terrier getting a check-up, 1949

34. A woman holding her pup with pride, ’40s

35. A Coast Guard dog named Salty, 1943

36. This dog enjoying his mom’s piano playing, 1941

37. Obedient dog, ’40s

38. Terrier with puppies, in a drawer, ’40s

39. This puppy with a stick in his mouth, 1944

40. Mugging with a boston terrier, 1947

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