37 Pictures That Prove Cats Have Hearts Of Gold

This post will make you want to go hug your kitty.

1. This is what love looks like.

ID: 2018999

3. The daily visitor.

ID: 2018701

4. The cat 80-year-old Misa found abandoned and who now accompanies her always.

ID: 2018516

5. A 10-year-old and his new best friend.

ID: 2018529

6. These two love to spend time together in the sunlight.

ID: 2018549

7. A pool technician whose best friend just wants to help.

ID: 2018519

8. How sleep is done.

ID: 2018545

9. 100 and 17 years old, respectively.

ID: 2018508

10. Hand holding during naptime.

ID: 2018714

11. Inmate Richard Amaro holds Clementine, part of a cat adoption program in a Washington state prison.

Rick Bowmer / AP
ID: 2019141

12. Her constant companion.

ID: 2018720

13. She’ll put up with whatever he needs.

ID: 2018990

14. Agreeing to play princess.

ID: 2018522

15. Dreaming of each other’s adventures.

ID: 2019095

16. Bros.

ID: 2018538

17. They have a different way of playing.

ID: 2018894

18. Snuggling.

ID: 2018898

19. He’s not a fan of cats, but the cat doesn’t care.

ID: 2018938

20. She doesn’t do this with anyone else, but he needs her.

ID: 2018945

21. They are so grateful for each other.

ID: 2018979

22. An inmate’s greatest joy.

ID: 2018982

23. The cat who tries to cuddle with his deployed dad.

ID: 2018985

24. Naps.

ID: 2018992

25. He wanted a lap cat his whole life, and he finally got one.

ID: 2018777

26. She has special needs, and they weren’t sure how she’d react to a cat. This is what happened.

ID: 2019001

27. Sneaking into the hospital to visit mom.

ID: 2018573

28. They’ll grow up together.

ID: 2019005

29. Where this cat is at his most comfortable.

ID: 2018965

30. Buddies.

ID: 2019079

31. Beginning an exciting journey together.

ID: 2019008

32. Hugs.

ID: 2018994

33. Their bodyguards.

ID: 2019042

34. Love.

ID: 2019073

35. After his wife died, his cat wouldn’t leave his side.

ID: 2018793

36. Cats have the biggest hearts in the world.

ID: 2019098

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