36 Illustrated Truths About Cats

Cats are the best, and also they are the worst. But mostly the best.

1. They like being close to you.

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2. REALLY close.

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3. They can do anything they set their minds to.

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4. They are moody.

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5. They are slightly obsessive.

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6. Unusual places are the best places to sleep.

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7. And your ideas about where they should sleep are HILARIOUS.

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9. They strike a fine balance.

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10. They make the best internet.

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11. They hate water, and water hates them back.

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12. This is all you need to know about history.

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13. Summertime is hard.

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14. They really enjoy tunnels.

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15. They are so cute you’ll forgive them for anything.

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16. They’re so warm, you’ll procrastinate to hang out with them.

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17. They only like hugs on their own terms.

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18. They do what they want.

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19. They care, even if it doesn’t always seem like it.

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20. They are completely confusing.

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21. But did I mention cute?!!

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23. They are not that different from us.

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24. They are not always hard to please.

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26. But sometimes they do things you just won’t understand, ever.

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27. They make us dumb.

ID: 1014135

28. Really dumb.

ID: 1013836

29. Really, really dumb.

ID: 1013901

30. But sometimes we’re unfair to them.

ID: 1013988

31. After all, they’re heroes in their own way.

ID: 1014041

32. And their weirdness just makes them more charming.

ID: 1014105

34. They’re never sure if they love or hate you.

ID: 1013865

35. And you’re also never sure.

ID: 1014022

36. Scratch that, you are: Cats are the best.

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