33 Totally Do-Able D.I.Y. Projects For Your Pets

It’s definitely woof it to take a look at these easy projects and find the purrfect fit for your animal family. Most of these do-it-yourself ideas require minimal special skills or tools, and are a great way to show your pets how much you love them!

2. A Modern Pet Crate Coffee Table


ID: 469023

5. The Hard Work Pays Off Automatic Cat Feeder

Designed with an over-eating cat in mind, this feeder requires some work for the cat for a few pieces of kibble. This might also be a fun project for treats! Read about how to make it a Instructables.

ID: 468151

6. Homemade “Cinnamon Bun” Dog Biscuits

Recipe celebrating National Dog Day.

ID: 468974

7. Cat Basket

How-to by iHanna

ID: 468335

8. Pet Bowl Stand

Via Centsational Girl

ID: 469039

10. Pup Car Seat Cover

Sewing tutorial at exscapes.

ID: 469137

11. Kitty Crack: Super Concentrated Catnip Extract

Instructables has the instructables for this evil concoction.

ID: 468120

12. Cardboard Cat Castle

Haute Nature has more pictures and a brief description of the construction process. Use your imagination with this one!

ID: 468407

13. Crocheted Mouse Toy For A Kitty

Pattern and instructions at Anne Marie’s Breiblog.

ID: 468328

14. Comfy Dog Kennel Bed

What a great idea!

ID: 468305

15. Sweet Potato Dog Chews

How to make these treats, via 17 Apart.

ID: 469014

16. Upcycled Side Table Pet Bed

Genius, Better Homes & Gardens!

ID: 469067

17. Vintage Suitcase Dog (or Cat) Bed

The Gold Jellybean.

ID: 468426

18. Cactus Costume for a Hedgehog

Hedgehog not included.

ID: 468306

19. Dog Vest / Backpack (From Cargo Shorts!)

Innovative idea and steps on Instructables.

ID: 468286

20. Patchwork Pet Bed

Major props to Apartment Therapy for this adorable patchwork dog bed.

ID: 468949

21. Cardboard Cat Rocket

Apartment Therapy

ID: 469026

22. Pupcake Treats

Recipe at Instructables

ID: 468313

23. A Doggie T-Shirt From An Old Tee

Step-by-step at Instructables.

ID: 468318

24. Flax Seed Dog Biscuits

Courtesy of White on Rice.

ID: 468984

25. Four-Poster Pet Bed

Instructions on converting an old table to one of these beauties at Junk Camp.

ID: 468944

26. Upcycled Pet Food Canister

Made from an old Christmas cookies tin!

ID: 469044

28. Doggie Approved Peanut Butter Treats

Nom nom from Aromatic Delights.

ID: 469059

30. Gumball Machine Fish Tank


ID: 468289

32. Handmade Catnip Mice

Very easy tutorial from PetSugar.

ID: 469112

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