28 Cats Who Have No Idea How They Ended Up Here

“It wasn’t supposed to be like this.” -These Cats

1. One day you’re the president of your fraternity, and then you wake up on top of a ceiling fan.

ID: 949148

2. You were once voted “Most Likely To Succeed” and here you are tangled in coat hangers.

ID: 949152

3. A few years back, you were righteously angry over politics, and now you’re just righteously angry in a sink.

ID: 949158

4. You just realized that you’ve gone from looking into medical schools to yelling from between the mini-blinds.

ID: 949173

5. Your biggest concern was once world hunger – now it’s how to take up as much of this corner space as possible.

ID: 949174

6. You are so over it.

ID: 949175

7. When you think about all the stuff you thought you’d be doing with your life right now, you feel really sad.

ID: 949177

8. You thought you’d own a home by now, but instead you just put your paw on the fan on purpose?

ID: 949183

9. You never imagined you’d be here, climbing doors for nothing.

ID: 949182

10. What. Happened. To. You?

ID: 949186

11. Once you were on top of the pile of box cats, and now you’re all the way on the bottom.

ID: 949195

12. You used to read books and now you just sleep on top of them.

ID: 950021

13. Your New Year’s resolution was to learn how to cook and here you are inside a frying pan.

ID: 949202

14. You used to think you’d never need to lose weight and now you’re inside a diet coke box.

ID: 950013

15. All the pictures you’re tagged in on Facebook are from nights you can’t even remember.

ID: 949220

16. You mindlessly put on outfits without even thinking about whether they’re clean or appropriate.

ID: 949688

17. This happened.

ID: 949689

18. You remember having goals once, but that seems like a long time ago.

ID: 949691

19. You’re stuck.

ID: 949218

21. Life is so confusing and directionless.

ID: 949701

22. It’s completely exhausting.

ID: 950020

23. But listen: sometimes being stuck in a sock is just a thing you need to go through to get to the next thing.

ID: 949988

24. Sitting on some eggs in the hen house might seem stupid now, but you’re learning from it!

ID: 949991

25. Feeling trapped is universal, and it will pass.

ID: 949994

26. Don’t beat yourself up for sleeping in or drinking too much.

ID: 950022

27. Just forge onward!

ID: 949999

28. One day, you’ll be on top of the world again.

ID: 950025

(And hey, at least you’re not this dog.)

ID: 950061

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