25 Reasons Why One Dog Is NOT Enough

Barack Obama told Sasha and Malia during his acceptance speech that “one dog’s probably enough.” He was wrong.

1. Everyone needs a friend.

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2. A clique.

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3. A sibling.

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4. A partner.

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5. A family.

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6. This corgi would be a lot happier if he had a friend who wasn’t a stuffed panda.

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7. Here’s the breakdown, Mr. President: Two dogs are better than one.

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8. Three dogs are better than two.

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9. Four dogs are better than three.

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10. After all, you need four dogs to form a decent prayer circle.

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11. Five dogs are even better than four, though.

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12. After all, five dogs is the perfect number for your swim class.

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13. You need at least six dogs for decent cosplay.

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14. But seven dogs are probably the most dogs you should have, for appearance’s sake.

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15. But if that seems overwhelming for the White House, at least consider one more.

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16. Otherwise, who will keep score for Bo when he takes a nachos break?

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17. A dog needs a partner to get through bath time alive.

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18. A dog alone can’t use the “carpool only” lane.

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19. With only one dog, you can’t ride with one on your back and one in your coat.

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20. And a dog alone can’t properly canoodle.

ID: 683176

21. How can you say no to this, Barack?

ID: 683177

22. These dogs are begging you.

ID: 683178

23. Bo needs a friend to hug.

ID: 683173

24. Someone to talk to.

ID: 683246

25. Someone to love.

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