25 Reasons Food Is More Awesome On A Stick

From designer cake pops to healthy frozen grape “popsicles” to good old fashioned corn dogs, there’s something about eating anything from a stick that will always make you feel like a kid again. Enjoy these pictures and recipes… I’ll just be over here waiting for someone to bring me a half dozen of those tiny mac and cheese quesadillas on sticks. Stat!

2. Little Corn Dog Pops

Courtesy HungryGirl Por Vida

ID: 453160

4. Baked Brie And Jam On A Stick

Instructions at Joy The Baker

ID: 453136

5. Goat Cheese And Bacon Pops

From The Kitchn

ID: 453134

7. Grilled Cheese Pops

Instructions at Panini Happy

ID: 453132

8. Macaron Pops

Ala Tartelette

ID: 453139

9. Deep Fried Ravioli On A Stick

Just A Taste

ID: 453161

10. Cookie Dough Pops

Details at Baked Perfection

ID: 453140

13. Frozen Grape Kebabs

Heritage School House

ID: 453155

14. Rainbow Cubes On A Stick

Instructions at Hungry Rabbit

ID: 453144

15. Watermelon… On A Stick

ID: 453156

16. Marshmallow Pops

From The Wicked Noodle

ID: 453137

19. Candy Apples

Lark Crafts

ID: 453163

21. Rice Krispie Treat Lollipop

The Shopping Mama with the recipe

ID: 453158

23. Strawberry And Waffle Kabobs

The Family Kitchen has the scoop

ID: 453145

24. Mac & Cheese Mini Quesadillas On Toothpicks

Life With Mel

ID: 453154

25. A French Fry Wrapped Hot Dog On A Stick

Korean street food, via Matt Bites

ID: 453152

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