23 Signs You’re Too Obsessed With Your Person

Codependency no more, cats!

1. Your human’s search history looks like this:

ID: 1127382

2. This is you when your person leaves for work.

ID: 1127451

3. And this is you when they come home.

ID: 1127426

4. While they’re gone, you watch their favorite shows.

ID: 1127450

5. And sleep in places that smell like them.

ID: 1127659

6. Really, anything that smells like your person is the best thing when they’re away.

ID: 1128495

7. When your person goes out of town, you have to keep in touch via Skype.

ID: 1125105

8. Though, to be honest, you’d rather they just never ever leave you alone like that again.

ID: 1125076

9. This is you when your person insists on looking at other cats on the internet.

ID: 1125100

Or this.

Summer Anne Burton
ID: 1127599

Perhaps you can just let them know you’re always watching?

Arielle Calderon
ID: 1125232

10. You also make sure to, uh, “check” on their computer when they’re not around.

ID: 1125229

11. Whenever your human gets inside that weird box and lets water get on them, you just stand and stare.

ID: 1125127

That shit is weird.

ID: 1125090

12. Not to mention totally unnecessary, since you’re already bathing them.

ID: 1125092

13. You like to be next to them whenever they do other things in the bathroom, as well.

ID: 1125125

You prefer to just look at them whenever they do anything, to be honest.

ID: 1127396

14. You’re not sure why they feel the need to wash your smell off anyway.

ID: 1127559

15. This is the best place to sleep.

ID: 1127574

Or like this.

ID: 1127578

Alternately, this works.

ID: 1127581

16. Sometimes you don’t sleep, you just watch your person sleep.

ID: 1127587

Nothing weird about that.

ID: 1127591

17. When it’s time for them to wake up, you kindly let them know…Every. Single. Morning.

Summer Anne Burton
ID: 1127607

18. You love to watch your person eat.

ID: 1127417

19. You’ll do anything they ask.

ID: 1128449

20. You make sure your person knows you’ve got an eye out for them!

ID: 1125487


ID: 1125494

Even when they don’t realize you’re there.

ID: 1127384


ID: 1127395

21. You love them so much that it hurts (them).

ID: 1125462

22. Your person is your favorite person.

ID: 1127673

23. Why can’t they just pay attention to you all the time?!

ID: 1125124

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