12 Unexpected Ways To Get A Scholarship

Grades aren’t the only way to get a bunch of money for college. It’s never too late to pursue some higher education, and it’s never out of the question that there’s a scholarship for you.

1. Playing hand-held video games.

Specifically, playing Pokemon can earn you a bunch of cash to attend school. The Pokémon Company International awards scholarships to the top finishers at the Pokémon TCG U.S National Championships and the Pokémon World Championships.

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2. Being a dad.

Males 31 and over qualify to apply for scholarship simply for being a father. DADS REJOICE!

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3. Speaking Klingon.

The KIL (Kilngon Language Institute) offers something called the Kor Memorial Scholarship, which recognizes and rewards language study.

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4. Duck calling.

Win the Duck Calling Contest and you’re looking at $2,000 big ones towards your higher education.

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5. Being an animal lover.

Riding horses, studying reptiles, and even planning to get a pet-related degree of any kind can lead to some extra scratch for school.

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6. Being a grape lover.

Seriously. Studying grapes can get you a scholarship to pursue academics in Enology and Viticulture.

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7. Playing the bagpipes.

Such a specialized skill can land you $7,000 towards your musical education. That includes subsidized kilts!

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8. Playing with marbles.

Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain (2001) / Via film-instant.tumblr.com

Mibsters can compete in the National Marbles Tournament and win college scholarships.

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9. Taking an interest in vacuum coating.

No, not that kind of vacuum. (Pro-tip, Google says it has nothing to do with actual vacuuming.) You can earn over $2,500 by taking an interest in a related scientific field.

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10. Writing greeting cards.

The annual Create-A-Greeting-Card competition is worth $10,000 in scholarship funds. Better work on your rhyme scheme!

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11. Being an advocate for milk.

Pursue a degree in the marketing of dairy products, and you can earn yourself some scholarship dough. Seriously.

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12. Reading an essay about fire sprinklers.

All you need to do is read this essay and answer a few questions about fire sprinklers, and you can win up to $5,000!

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