12 Things You Didn’t Know You Were Doing Wrong

It’s easy to get stuck doing something the hard way if that’s what you’ve always done. Here are twelve better ways to do simple everyday tasks. Get to a better state at State Farm Nation

1. Peeling a banana

Instead of tearing your banana open from the stem, flip it over and pinch the other end to easily separate and unpeel it. Bonus: Now you can use the stem as a handle!

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2. Propping up your iPhone

David Jakes / Via Flickr: jodotorg

To make an iPhone stand, fold an old cassette case backwards so it props itself up on a table.

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3. Removing scuff marks from your floor

Rub a tennis ball on your floors to remove unsightly scuffs.

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4. Organizing ornaments

außerirdische sind gesund / Via Flickr: sooperkuh

Use egg cartons to store your Christmas ornaments

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5. Removing crayon marks

Instead of scrubbing the walls with soap, use mayonnaise. The grease will dissolve the crayon.

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6. Keeping flies out of your business

Instead of swatting them, put cloves in cut lemons and set them around your picnic. That will keep the critters away.

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7. Eating an ice cream cone

To prevent your ice cream cone from dripping (and also prevent sadness), put marshmallows at the bottom.

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8. Keeping your boots in shape

Put glass bottles in them to preserve the shape and keep them looking new.

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9. Sorting papers

Instead of licking your fingers, tie rubber bands around them for quick page turning.

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10. Keeping a room smelling fresh

Instead of using expensive air fresheners, sprinkle coffee grounds on newspaper and put that in your fireplace.

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Tom Ray / Via Flickr: tmray02
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11. Ironing your collar

Use a hair straightener to keep those collar tips looking sharp.

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12. Storing cords

To keep them from getting tangled up, wrap each cord neatly on its own toilet paper tube.

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