15 Ways To Blow Off Some Steam During Finals

Summer’s almost here, but it probably doesn’t feel that way if you’re buried up to your neck in a pile of work. Here are fifteen effective ways to blow off steam brought to you by Starbucks Frappuccino®.

1. Start by taking advantage of what you’re sitting in

Dorm floors and libraries make for nice race courses.

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2. Or head to the gym

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3. Exercise is great for stress

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4. So is getting your freak on

Whenever. Wherever.

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5. You can also work on an art project

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6. Or load up on Frappuccinos

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7. If nothing is working, try freezing your ass off

A quick plunge in a cold river or lake will reboot your system and prepare you for a week’s worth of studying.

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8. Watch a movie that doesn’t require much thought

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9. Or eat a super hot chili pepper

If you can make it past a minute or so of extreme discomfort you’ll, get an endorphin rush similar to a long workout.

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10. You could push the cafeteria trays to their limit

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11. Have someone yell at you

Mitch Rue / Via Flickr: alfons069
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12. Or play mind games with the library staff

Lay face down on a table and see how long it takes the staff to ask you to stop.

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13. If you’re still stressing, you might need to get naked

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14. Or go nuts on a rival sorority or fraternity house

I mean, if not now, when?

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15. Before abandoning all hope, scream violently into a pillow

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Don’t give up. You can do this!

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