The Top 10 Reasons Small Towns Are Better Than Big Cities

Bright lights, big city, loud noise, so stinky. Small towns are way more tolerable, here’s why. Find out more about what really happens in small towns on Small Town Security, Sundays at 11/10c on AMC.

1. Bye Bye Traffic Jams

Fewer people = fewer cars = fewer infuriating hours stuck in gridlock on your way to work. Sounds too good to be true!

2. You get (way) more square footage for your money

What $2,400 a month gets you in Buffalo, NY: A brand new 4 bedroom, 2,400ft² - square foot home. In Manhattan? A 600ft² studio in Chelsea.

3. Long Lines For Brunch Don’t Exist

Want some eggs and toast on Sunday morning? Just pop over to the local diner! No need to suffer through an hour plus-long wait like those who try to frequent Williamsburg, Brooklyn’s popular brunch spot Egg have to.

4. No tourists to crowd the sidewalk

If you’ve ever tried to walk through New York City’s Times Square, you know the pain of trying to navigate around throngs of tourists who are constantly stopping to look up at a monument or look down at their maps. Small towns can still be tourist destinations, of course, but surely not in quantities large enough to be disruptive.

5. You’re probably friends with the lone town policeman

Rolled that stop sign? No prob, your old buddy will let you off the hook this time. In big cities, cops tend to be a little more - ahem - unwelcoming.

6. You can actually see the stars in the sky

Without any smog and bright lights hiding the starry sky, you can look up and actually see some full constellations when you live in a small town.

7. Everybody really does know your name

Small towns cultivate a tight sense of community where everyone is at the ready to help each other out. You’ll never feel lost in the crowd again.

8. You can actually afford to go to the movies

Not only do tickets not cost over $10 on any given day, but the local movie theatre is probably a whole lot more charming than a huge stadium seating monstrosity filled with loud strangers.

9. Two words: peace and quiet

You probably will never have to deal with a drunk couple getting in a fight outside your window at 4 o’clock in the morning or cabs honking at each other when you live in a wonderful, peaceful small town.

10. You can’t get lost

When your town center is 5 by 6 blocks, it’s pretty hard to get lost. Who cares if your GPS doesn’t work in the middle of nowhere, you don’t need it!

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