This Beyoncé-Inspired Ode To In-N-Out Burger Is Going To Give You All The Life You Need

“I just wanna give you them buns you like – fresh cut fries you like.”

1. You probably watched the glorious “Dunkin Love” and thought to yourself, “This is the only Beyoncé and fast food parody I’ll ever need.”

2. Adrian Anchondo and his crew are back to inform you that you’re sorely mistaken.

3. Because when it comes to expressing one’s feelings toward the glory of In-N-Out burger…

4. … a spoof of Bey’s “Partition” is really the only way to go.


5. So Anchondo and Reggie White delivered with their new “In-N-Out Mission” video.

6. Warning: The hunger is REAL.

7. Just when you’re slipping into a warm burger daze…

8. … drag queen Honey Mahogany starts to turn. It. Out.

9. Bey, is that you?

10. “That kinda shake you like is right here in reach.”

11. Queen Dulce de Leche gets sultry with some french fries and suddenly you’re drooling.

12. “You want fries with that shake?”

13. “Do you want to see my secret menu?”



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Sarah Karlan is the associate LGBT editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in New York.
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