This “Modern L Word” Twitter Account Is What You Need Right Now

In the style of @SeinfeldToday, the ladies are back. Talking, laughing, loving, and now tweeting.

1. When binge-watching old episodes of The L Word just isn’t doing it anymore, don’t panic.

ID: 3523791

3. The “Modern L Word” Twitter account is here to fill that void in your life as it imagines what all the ladies would be up to right now:

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ID: 3523781

6. The tweets often reflect current events with small odes to the show’s past thrown in:

After Alice gets kicked off of an Amtrak for PDA w/a female stranger, she stages a citywide kiss-in. Bette considers running for WeHo mayor.

— Modern L Word (@ModernLWord)
ID: 3523693

Helena curiously leaves the room at any mention of Jodie Foster's new marriage. Alice becomes a Lyft driver.

— Modern L Word (@ModernLWord)
ID: 3515116

Bette starts to question her chances of winning the campaign. Helena: "You learned sign language in a day to get laid. You got this."

— Modern L Word (@ModernLWord)
ID: 3515117

9. Thankfully, it seems not much has changed. Bette is still kickin’ ass and taking names:

ID: 3524388

Teen: "Know what I'm sayin'?" Bette: "See, THIS is when you use 'literally.' You've LITERALLY said nothing prior to this, so no...I don't."

— Modern L Word (@ModernLWord)
ID: 3514977

A young valet driver scratches Bette's new Tesla. Teen: "My bad." Bette: "Correct." Teen: "Bae, truce or nah?" Bette: "Can I buy a vowel?"

— Modern L Word (@ModernLWord)
ID: 3514953

12. Shane is still looking very Shane today:

ID: 3523960

When a friend tweets about a grandparent dying, Shane doesn't know if *liking* it is she throws her laptop into a pool.

— Modern L Word (@ModernLWord)
ID: 3524540

Shane hits the jackpot wedge on Candy Crush's daily booster wheel and celebrates audibly. Alice: "Well THAT was certainly orgasm-adjacent."

— Modern L Word (@ModernLWord)
ID: 3524546

Helena celebrates the premiere of @OITNB & has fond memories of running the yard. Shane accidentally starts working at the Apple Genius Bar.

— Modern L Word (@ModernLWord)
ID: 3514971

16. Alice is still… being Alice:

Showtime / Via
ID: 3523918

Alice is caught trying to sneak backstage after Outkast's reunion performance at Coachella. While being carried away: "Sorry, Mr. 3000!"

— Modern L Word (@ModernLWord)
ID: 3523727

When Alice decides to crash a prom to further Shane's education on current trends, Alice throws her back out while attempting to twerk.

— Modern L Word (@ModernLWord)
ID: 3515092

19. And Jenny? Ugh.

ID: 3524525

Jenny's surprised to learn she'll be staying in a smaller room in heaven than Dana. Meanwhile Dana's surprised to learn Jenny got in at all.

— Modern L Word (@ModernLWord)
ID: 3523702

21. More at @ModernLWord.

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