The (RED) Campaign Attempts Vine World Record For AIDS Awareness

June 5th was the 32nd anniversary of AIDS being discovered.

1. To mark the 32nd anniversary of the beginning of the AIDS epidemic, the (RED) Campaign is attempting a world record:

2. The most vines posted in one day, using the hashtag #REDworldrecord:

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4. They hope to raise awareness for their “Choose (RED)” campaign.

5. The goal is to help end the transmission of HIV from moms to their children by 2015.

6. Here are a few of our favorites:

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A red ladybug for @Mashable and @RED's #REDworldrecord #vineapp

— jeremycabo (@Jeremy Cabalona)

Here's @ricardor interviewing President Barack Obama about #REDWorldRecord. Today is the 32nd anniversary o...

— jack (@Jack Dorsey)

Please support #REDWorldRecord and retweet Thanks David

— davidguetta (@David Guetta)

Lets deliver an AIDS FREE GENERATION by 2015! #REDWorldRecord

— biz (@Biz Stone)

Some @RED FADERs from the archives for #REDWorldRecord.

— thefader (@The FADER)

Jerk. RT @christerickson Angry Bird is angry. #REDWorldRecord

— AmandaWills (@Amanda Wills)

How To Slam Dunk! a Vine for @RED and @mashable for #redworldrecord day on Vine. Please retweet for a great cause!

— riddsorensen (@Ridd Sorensen)

A Vine for #REDWorldRecord :) Help the world fight AIDS!

— annieepark (@Annie Park)

Love all the #REDWorldRecord Vines. Let's make more! Here's mine. Thanks @mashble @RED & @vineapp. #AidsFreeGen

— Jadiebutter (@JadeButter)

27. The vines will continue to be counted until 11:59pm in each timezone.

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