People Are Staging An Internet “Kiss-In” In Support Of Michael Sam

Facebook and Twitter users are changing their profile pictures to photos of same-sex couples kissing to show support for Michael Sam’s NFL draft day kiss.

1. In response to the controversy caused by Michael Sam’s affectionate draft day celebration with his boyfriend this weekend, a “kiss in” on Facebook and Twitter has begun.

2. Journalist Michelangelo Signorile published a call-to-action today, urging people to change their profile pictures to same-sex couples kissing.

I hereby launch the Great Facebook Kiss-In, urging everyone — whether gay, straight or bi — to change their profile pics to two women kissing or two men kissing. Maybe it’s you and your husband or wife, or your partner or sweetheart, or you and a friend. Maybe it’s your dad and your dad, or your mom and your mom. Maybe it’s two other people you just like a lot or think are hot. Your favorite celebrities, whatever. […] Just change your profile pic to a kissing same-sex couple, and urge others to do the same.

11. Kisses in front of other kisses.

12. Of course, not everyone is supportive of the movement.

13. Read the full “Kiss-In” announcement here.

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