Norwegian Artists Protest Putin With A Music Video Full Of Very Sexy Kissing

Pop singer Annie and artist Bjarne Melgaard slam Russia’s anti-LGBT legislation in “Russian Kiss.” Slightly NSFW sexiness ahead.

1. In early December, New York-based visual artist Bjarne Melgaard joined forces with Norwegian pop artist Annie to send President Putin a message concerning his anti-LGBT legislation.

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2. The result was a song celebrating “the universal right to kiss the one you love wherever you like – regardless of sexual orientation.”

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3. The “Russian Kiss” video, produced by Richard X, was released to coincide with the opening ceremony of the Sochi Winter Olympics.

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4. In the video, same-sex couples kiss while Annie sings: “Show your love for the lovers / the others, the fighters, outsiders / people like you.”

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5. “Don’t give up / maybe then they can understand / it is right that you fight for your love demands.”

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6. The dance track’s vocals also feature two Russian men groaning, recruited by Annie herself.

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7. And, yes! There is a lot of kissing.

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8. Double-couple couch kisses.

ID: 2415595

9. Playful bite kisses.

ID: 2415596

10. A few “almost-knocked-you-over” kisses, for good measure.

ID: 2415658

11. And some more couch kissing.

ID: 2415742

12. Sensing a pattern here?

ID: 2415620

13. Even Melgaard himself gets in on the action (with his boyfriend).

ID: 2415617

14. Annie says of the video, which was directed by Vice photographer Richard Kern:

The Winter Olympics are also deep emotions: interpersonal, national, and global. Millions of TV-viewers are witness to these emotions. Usually, they find their expression in embraces and kisses. You can observe this at the finishing area and during the medal ceremony — teammates embracing each other, winners kissing their partners.

ID: 2415576

15. A portion of the proceeds from the song, available on iTunes, will go to the LGBT non-profit All Out.

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16. Watch the full video here:

ID: 2415565

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Sarah Karlan is the Deputy LGBT Editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in New York.
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