Margaret Cho Wants Celebrities To Shatter The Glass Closet

In a personal essay the bisexual comic explains why gay celebs need to leave the closet. “Outing is only wrong if you think there is something wrong with being gay.”

1. In an article she wrote for The Huffington Post Margaret Cho made it very clear how she feels about ‘outing’ celebrities:

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

2. Her Twitter account echoes these sentiments:

5. In the article she states:

Ethan Miller / Getty Images

6. She explained how growing up in the ’80s with the AIDS crisis affected her views:

Andy Kropa / Getty Images

Cho also hinted she wants to cover the topic more thoroughly by adding, “I want to write a book on the subject of homophobia and outing, but that would take more words than I know, more pain that I wish to uncover, more rage than my heart can handle in its already weakened state, having been broken long ago thanks to a life of tragedy and blood, bullying and suicide, hatred and disease and so much death.”

Read the full article here.

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