First Look At The Film Depicting Poet Elizabeth Bishop And The Woman She Loved

Watch an exclusive clip from the upcoming “Reaching For The Moon” and peek into the true love story of poet Elizabeth Bishop and architect Lota De Macedo Soares.

1. Academy Award nominated filmmaker Bruno Barreto is giving audiences a closer look at a sprawling love affair in his film Reaching For The Moon.

2. The story follows the 1950s affair between American poet Elizabeth Bishop and Brazilian architect Lota de Macedo Soare.

Wolfe films

wolfe films


3. Suffering from writer’s block, Bishop (played by Miranda Otto) leaves New York City for Rio de Janeiro.

DADA films / Via Wolfe

4. There she finds an unlikely source of inspiration…

DADA films / Via Wolfe

5. … falling into a relationship with her polar-opposite, Soare (played by Glória Pires).

DADA Films / Via Wolfe

6. The film paints an intimate portrait of a complicated love affair that spans several decades, languages, and countries.

Wolfe Films

Wolfe films


7. Check out an exclusive clip:

Wolfe / Via DADA films

8. And learn more about the film here:

The award winning film opens in New York on November 8th and Los Angeles on November 29th.

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