Definitive Proof That Carrie Brownstein Is Not Of This Earth

No one woman should have all that power.

Carrie Brownstein is one of the most magical, whimsical, and perfect creatures on our small planet.

Stephen Lovekin / Getty

1. Dare I say it…too perfect?

2. Her entire existance straddles the line between reality and fiction.

AP Photo/IFC, Augusta Quirk

3. Is she a rock star? Is she an actress? Does she even exist?

4. Her ability to change form and outward appearance seems absolutely unending.


5. Her musical prowess can destroy hearts…


6. …and apparently defy the common law of gravity.

7. Just don’t ask the former Sleater-Kinney and Wild Flag musician “What does it feel like to be a woman playing music?”


8. Carrie doesn’t have time for that nonsense.

9. She’s too busy being a complete boss.

13. The same could be said of her facial expressions.

*this is an insightful revelation*

*this is raw poetry*

14. She studied sociolinguistics in college, which sounds completely made up.

Astrid Stawiarz / Getty

*Sociolinguistics is actually looking at the way in which people communicate via computers, social media, phones, and the way that particular language changes. OK FINE.

15. Her makeout sessions look like rare works of art.

16. Strange and beautiful art.

17. Her friendship with Portlandia co-star Fred Armisen is suspiciously perfect.

Charles Sykes / AP


18. Seriously, someone make it stop. It’s too much.


19. No mere mortal could sit next to Annie Clark and not instantly crumble into nothingness.

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images for The New Yorker

Getty Images


And yet, there she sits.

20. Her genuine kindness will put any other kindness to utter shame.

Mathew Imaging / WireImage

21. How can one person stand to contain such vast wisdom and talent?

Getty Images

22. Someone must stop her reign of perfection.

23. In conclusion, she must be a strange deity from some distant planet.

Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images

24. This is the only logical conclusion for her perfect existence.


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