Bizarre Pro-Gun, Pro-Gay Posters Appear In Washington State

Because gun control and LGBT rights go hand-in-hand, obviously.

1. A series of posters have been popping up around the Washington State Capitol in the last several days linking gay rights and gun control laws:

3. It’s unclear who is behind the posters, but a scan of the QR code leads to a pro-gun website called “A Human Right.”

According to Business Insider, the site was created by Oleg Volk, a Tennessee-based photographer who has worked on pro-gun rights ads in the past. Image from the FAQ page of the website:

4. The site hosts a short quiz:

If you click on “useful tool” you’re directed to a series of pro-gun links. If you click on “a liability” you are lead through a series of strange questions trying to steer you back to the “right” answer.

5. All questions are multiple choice:

Check it out for yourself here.

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