Avril Lavigne Kisses Winnie Cooper And Fights A Bearshark In Her New Music Video

But wait, it gets even more random.

Avril Lavigne has released the music video for her new single “Rock N Roll.”

It’s the second single off her upcoming studio album, set to be released later this year.

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The video is truly bizarre, in the best way possible.

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Let’s walk through some of the best moments, shall we?

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1. The opening scene, which is just one huge shameless product placement for Sony.

“Oh sorry, my Sony water-proof phone is ringing!”

ID: 1531880

2. When Avril takes a call to reflect upon the complexity of her own lyrics.

ID: 1532250

3. When you realize the world of rock is in peril and somehow Billy Zane is involved.

ID: 1531918

You know, Billy Zane. The guy who wasn’t Leo in Titanic.

ID: 1532127

4. When Avril is all dressed for battle, but her faithful sidekick is totally stuck in office attire.

Someone missed the memo.

ID: 1531940

5. When, out of nowhere, it’s revealed her partner-in-crime is Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years.


No seriously, that’s Danica McKeller.

ID: 1531962

6. The moment she pays homage to her past lyrical genius.

ID: 1531986

7. When she hit a solid grounder with this creepy doll.

ID: 1532045

8. When she takes a minute to give the waitress a totally punk rock makeover.


Much better!

ID: 1532498

9. When lobsters are used as a form of weaponry.

Just, why?

ID: 1532046

10. When the evil lobster pulls out a switch-blade and everything just gets real SO fast.

ID: 1532076

It’s a lobster people.

ID: 1532105

11. When the dog is driving the get-away-car, and everyone seems totally fine with it.

ID: 1532075

12. When everything becomes animated just long enough for the dog to crash the car.

ID: 1532094

13. When the dog doesn’t make it, and everyone takes a moment to mourn his death.

ID: 1532009

14. When the grief becomes too much, so Avril makes out with Winnie Cooper.


I repeat, Avril Lavigne made out with Winnie Cooper.

ID: 1531862

15. When the video gives a nod to The Wonder Years with some thoughtful voice-over dialogue.

ID: 1532226

16. When there is Bearshark.

ID: 1532304

17. The moment everyone realizes the Bearshark species can’t move too swiftly.

Slow motion charge.

ID: 1532310

18. When Avril stands over the Bearshark’s decapitated head, completely triumphant.

ID: 1532317

It’s important to note she killed the bearshark with a motorized chain saw guitar.

Where can we get one of those?

ID: 1532511

19. And Billy Zane totally approves of it all.


Thanks for all your help Billy, geez.

ID: 1532322

All in all, just another day in the life of a punk princess.

Never change Avril, never change.

ID: 1532397

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