7 Questions MTV’s “Girl Code” Had About Lesbians

Lipstick lesbians work at Sephora. Right?

The women of MTV’s Girl Code never cease to ask the most important questions about life, while simultaneously being funnier than you’ll ever be.

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This week, the cast had a lot of questions concerning gay ladies.

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Luckily, they had an expert on hand.

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Quinn Marcus is the only out member of the cast, but all the women joined in on the topic.

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1. What is a lesbian?

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2. What are the perks of being a lesbian?

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3. Are all women “a little gay”?

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Unfortunately, no.

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4. What is lesbian sex like?

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“It’s like the greatest hits of sex.”

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5. Are there different types of gay women?

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There are different types of people, period.

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6. Are women better in bed than men?

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7. How should you react when your friend comes out to you?

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A: Realize it says a lot about you that they chose to tell you – also realize this isn’t about you.

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Quinn’s last piece of advice to all lesbians: Own it.

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That’s gay girl code.

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Watch the full episode below:

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