6 Potential Girlfriends For Mulan On "Once Upon A Time"

Now that she is totally single and ready to mingle.

In a stunning plot twist on Sunday’s episode of Once Upon A Time, it was revealed that Mulan has romantic feelings for Princess Aurora.

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In the episode, Mulan goes to speak with Princess Aurora…

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… and almost comes clean about being in love with her.

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Keyword: Almost.

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Poor Mulan, totally friend-zoned.

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So, what other lovely lady could Mulan get involved with?

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Because this princess is too perfect to not have a lady at her side.

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1. Megara is not only drop dead gorgeous, but has a cutting wit to match a warrior princess like Mulan.

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Meg always did love defying the norm.

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2. Jasmine has the perfect stubborn attitude to match Mulan’s independent spirit.

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Bonus? They would already have the perfect token pet cat.

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3. Princess Tiana values following your dreams no matter what the cost…

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… a trait that would no doubt impress Mulan.

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4. Princess Merida is the black sheep of her family, and just like Mulan she wants to do things her own way.

ID: 1811265

These two could seriously do some damage together.

ID: 1811296

5. Rapunzel loves a good adventure and would follow Mulan pretty much anywhere.

ID: 1809782

And maybe she would let Mulan do her hair every once and a while.

ID: 1810808

6. Mulan fought for her people through kindness and understanding, not violence.

ID: 1810891

Mulan fought for her people by joining the army. Opposites attract, right?

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Who do you think she should end up with?

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