15 Lessons We Learned From Tomboys In Film And Television

Being a tomboy isn’t about what you wear, it’s all about the attitude.

1. Tomboy tip: Manners are sometimes overrated.

ID: 1995819

Arya Stark in Game Of Thrones

ID: 1995900

2. Tomboy tip: Being lady-like, also overrated.

ID: 1998808

Viola in She’s The Man

Lakeshore Entertainment

Lakeshore Entertainment

ID: 1998832

3. Tomboy tip: Focus on what you love to do and work to be the best at it.

ID: 1988131

Monica Wright in Love and Basketball

New Line Cinema

New Line Cinema

ID: 1998875

4. Tomboy tip: All you need is one good pair of overalls.

ID: 1979167

Scout Finch in To Kill A Mockingbird

ID: 1998790

5. Tomboy tip: Loyalty is, and always will be, everything.

ID: 1989986

Idgie Threadgood in Fried Green Tomatoes

Universal Pictures

Universal Pictures

ID: 1989683

6. Tomboy tip: Snapbacks and sling-shots are a girl’s best friend.

ID: 1990131

Mary-Kate Olsen In It Takes Two.

Warner Bros. Family Entertainment

Warner Bros. Family Entertainment

ID: 1990223

7. Tomboy tip: Pink is not for everyone.

ID: 1998547

Dee Rees in Pariah

Focus Feature

Focus Feature

ID: 1998475

8. Tomboy tip: Your hair? Rock it au natural.

ID: 1988637

Princess Merida in Brave / Via Walt Disney Pictures
ID: 1988592

9. Tomboy tip: When you have a crush, try and be cool about it.

ID: 1998757

Becky ‘The Icebox’ O’Shea in Little Giants

Amblin Entertainment

Amblin Entertainment

ID: 1998745

10. Tomboy tip: Ladies can always make the first move — or throw a mean right hook, whichever is needed.

ID: 1988492

Marion Ravenwood in Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Paramount Pictures / Via
ID: 1988411

11. Tomboy tip: Have one statement fashion accessory, such as fringed gloves.

ID: 1979238

Watts in Some Kind Of Wonderful

Studio Hughes Entertainment

Studio Hughes Entertainment

ID: 1995958

12. Tomboy tip: Rock out at any given opportunity.

ID: 1999199

Bliss in Whip It

ID: 1999341

13. Tomboy tip: Going on an adventure is never a bad idea.

ID: 1990398

Elizabeth Swann in Pirates Of The Caribbean trilogy.

Walt Disney Studios

Walt Disney Studios

ID: 1995945

14. Tomboy tip: Be proud you throw like a girl.

ID: 1999153

Kit Keller and Dottie Henson in A League Of Their Own

ID: 1979008

Scratch that, honorable mention to the entire cast.

ID: 1987899

15. Tomboy tip: When it comes down to it: Pants > Skirts, always and forever.

ID: 2005273

Amina in The World Unseen

ID: 2005149

Also, because Katharine Hepburn said so.

ID: 2006984

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