10 Easy Ways To Change A Drink From Average To Awesome

Isn’t it nigh time you got more bang for your beverage? Rethink your drink with the smooth taste of Silk PureAlmond®.

1. Frozen Mint Leaves

For those refreshing summer mojitos. A great way to kill two birds with one…cube.

2. Peeps

Because they only come ‘round but once a year. Put them in everything.

3. Butter

The infamous Butterbeer recipe a la Harry Potter. How much butter have you had so far today? The answer is not enough, probably.

4. Flowers

Alright, so maybe edible flowers won’t necessarily punch up a drink’s flavor, but just look how great it looks! It’s like drinking a garden.

5. Chocolate

Anyone can put chocolate in their beverage. Only the bravest put their beverage in chocolate.

6. Rocks

Wait wait wait — hear us out. Yes, they’re rocks, but they’re clean, and they keep your booze cold without diluting it. That’s a win-win, and you know it.

7. Marshmallows

This isn’t your grandmother’s hot chocolate mix-in. This is a chocolate/marshmallow/peppermint deploying device designed by the world’s best engineers to maximize beverage enjoyment. What, you usually just drop naked marshmallows into your hot chocolate? Cute.

8. Blooming Tea

Whether you’re into the subtle taste of tea or not, no one can deny the appeal of watching a walnut-sized bulb bloom into an elaborate flower when steeped in hot water.

10. Almond Milk

Try adding a bit of Silk PureAlmond® to any beverage as a milk substitute. One sip of this smooth, refreshing dairy alternative and you’ll want to rethink the way you drink.

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