13 People With So Much Confidence It Hurts

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1. The girl who’s confident in this routine.

And she’ll show it to you just as soon as she dries off.

ID: 2020089

2. The musician whose confidence can’t be contained on a stage.

It’s more fun in the crowd anyway.

ID: 2020714

3. The bride whose confidence leaves her bridesmaids in awe.

Now we’ll see who really wants to get married next.

ID: 2019640

4. The guy whose confidence is a burden on his girlfriend.

Confidence can be a heavy burden.

ID: 2019696

5. The tiny gymnast who faces her big nerves head-on.

Loving the “dive right in” attitude!

ID: 2032940

6. The guy whose confidence won’t fit in his pants.

ABC / Via gifbay.com

At least he wears confidence well

ID: 2019786

7. The party guest whose confidence literally brought down the house.

Blame the bride and groom for having a live band instead of a DJ.

ID: 2033031

8. The kids who are confident in whatever it is they’re trying to spell.

You can’t spell confidence without a few backwards Cs!

ID: 2019999

9. The girl whose confidence sometimes gets in her way.

When you’re your own biggest obstacle, you can overcome anything!

ID: 2020001

10. The dancer who can’t put the brakes on his confidence.

He just needed to cool off after those hot moves.

ID: 2020214

11. The goalie whose confidence is especially good for the other team.

ID: 2020756

12. The dancer whose confidence will never sink.

Get it? SINK!

ID: 2032976

13. The kid whose confidence is groundbreaking.

ID: 2020365

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