20 Holiday Sweaters You Should Be Jealous Of

When it comes to holiday sweaters, more is better! No need to hide in corners if you’ve got a gaudy top. Just grab some Scope, because it’s time to get some social courage and have a merry time.

1. Never underestimate the power of the classic Christmas Sweater.

2. Your granny would be so proud of you now.

3. And if you’re willing to go outside the box this year, (of course you are), try a vest.

5. This guy knows what he’s doing.

6. These fellas went the extra mile with their wigs!

7. Oh, and tinsel. Don’t forget the tinsel.

8. Be a present if you want!

9. And remember, be cool!

10. There’s nothing you need to get worked up about, because you, sir, are socially courageous.

11. Seriously, nothing.

12. With a sweater like this, you know you’re a star.

13. So get your friends involved!

14. Get the entire family to join in.

17. Just look at this courageous Christmas card!

18. Absolutely beautiful.

19. Even Snoop Dogg (Lion) agrees.

20. Happy Holidays, you courageous present, you!

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