15 Cute And Courageous Animals

If these animals can muster up some courage, surely you can too! Scope is courage, an ounce at a time. It’s a tingly, refreshing fear-destroyer that freshens your breath and brings your courage out of hibernation.

1. Mr. Bird thought it was time for him and his friends to think outside of the box, and meet some antelope.

They’re having a great time chatting about savannah gossip, and they plan to meet at the watering hole every Tuesday to catch up. See what a little courage can do?

2. Miss Bunny finally found the courage to try a new hairstyle.

Her fur was looking a bit drab, so she thought, “Why not a makeover with a cat stylist?” She will sure dazzle with her daring look.

3. Alfred thought it was about time he built up his social courage and give Lorenda a smooch on the lips.

Don’t worry, his second kiss was less erratic.

4. Dilbert the dog felt adventurous, so he convinced his buddy, Carl the cat, to go to a new exotic restaurant.

Bird feeding! Revolutionary!

5. Mr. Guinea Pig felt like it was the right time to befriend some strangers.

He mustered some social courage to go to the annual holiday party by himself! Pretty brave, if I do say so myself.

6. This cheetah’s not very good with small talk, but he finally mustered up some courage to talk to his peers during the morning commute.

They eventually warmed up to each other! That’s what social courage can do.

7. This manatee found some courage to make friends outside of the aquarium.

Her method is very effective. “Hi, I’d like to be your friend. BOOP!”

8. These wolves are not afraid of getting close.

Wolf 1: We’re all friends right?
Wolf 2: Definitely.
Wolf 3: Why didn’t we do this before?
Wolf 4: No clue! But I’m glad we got over it!

9. This goat is the life of the party.

Every chance he gets, he photobombs a party photo. You might know him from your mutual friend’s Facebook.

10. Speaking of photobombs, this dog is totally not afraid of being goofy in pictures.

It just goes to show you, when you let loose and have fun, everything is more hilarious.

11. Oh, and Mr. Stringray? He surely isn’t afraid of playing practical jokes on his buddies.

The ladies look frightened in this photo, but don’t fret. They all had a good laugh at his joke after the picture was taken. That’s what friends are for!

12. Mr. Bulldog wasn’t really sure about surfing with his friends, but he did it anyway!

Cindy Yamanaka / AP

He probably won’t do it again, but hey, at least he met some other cool dogs! They’ll probably do coffee next week.

13. This walrus joined the gym and befriended a person at the elliptical!

They’re now work-out buddies and go out for protein shakes after crunch time.

14. These chickens decided that they needed some cute, flirty dresses for the club.

Because if you’re talking to strangers, looking fabulous will help you feel courageous!

15. And the two Pugsy brothers have the coolest street fashion. Some may think they look odd, but quite frankly, they don’t care what you think! They strut their stuff.

And you know what else? After a talent scout saw them in SoHo, they were hired as runway models! And that’s social courage for you.

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