22 Dogs Who Are Excellent Wingmen

These dogs are pros at being bros.

1. “Is it cool that I invited some friends over?”

ID: 1404487

2. “I’m checking her Facebook favorites. We’re gonna make her a mixtape.”

ID: 1407004

3. “Hello did you know that my friend is studying to be a doctor he is going to help children he is very smart you should meet him wait hello come back…”

ID: 1406796

4. “Just pretend my name is Sasha. It’s called practicing.

ID: 1411364

5. “Really, if you can’t make a decent negroni, why would she even talk to you?”

ID: 1407873

6. “I TOLD you she’d message you back.”

ID: 1406031

7. “Take notice, man. Chicks dig rebels. Quick, find a sign.”

ID: 1406179

8. “I say we head down to the independent bookstore and ask that cute salesclerk for help.”

ID: 1406168

9. “And that’s how he saved my life. He’s really an incredible guy. You wouldn’t want his phone number, would you?”

ID: 1406721

10. “I told you this would be easier than trying to get abs.”

ID: 1406314

11. “You go talk to her. I’ll flirt with her friend.”

ID: 1406530

12. “Yes the shirt’s on purpose. You’ll look cooler by comparison.”

ID: 1407501

13. “I’ll play some music. Really set the mood.”

ID: 1407309

14. “You need the bedroom? Dope. I got the couch.”

ID: 1407659

15. “We’re going to happy hour! Is this not how you dress for happy hour?”

ID: 1410871

16. “No, you can’t have your phone back. You text after two days. Not three hours. It’s the rules.”

ID: 1408038

17. “Just let me know when it’s time to play a slow jam.”

ID: 1411392

18. “We literally could not look cooler right now. You’re welcome.”

ID: 1406158

19. “This is Carla. She recently got back from a trip abroad in Ecuador — you were thinking about going to Ecuador next spring, weren’t you?”

ID: 1408226

20. “Come on man! Six days a week until we get pecs. I THOUGHT WE WERE IN THIS TOGETHER.”

ID: 1408365

21. “OK, a think a couple of them are watching. Go for a long pass.”

ID: 1411118

22. “Sorry it didn’t work out, man. There’s more of these in the fridge if you want.”

ID: 1407826

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