17 Questions Trans People Are Tired Of Hearing

Can we talk about my genitals sometime when I’m not eating? Or never?

1. “Why would you make things harder for yourself?”

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2. “What’s your real name?”

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3. “Are you in the right bathroom?”

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4. “Can’t you just be gay?”

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5. “Why can’t you just stay a man/woman?”

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6. “So when are you getting your boobs cut off?”

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7. “Do you still have a penis?”

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8. “So, like, are you a man or a woman?”

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9. “Who’s gonna want to date you?”

People who know I’m SEXY AS HELL.

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10. “How do you have sex?”

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11. “Who do you think you’re fooling?”

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12. “Is that even a real thing?”

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13. “Can I see pictures of you before you transitioned?”

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14. “Are you just doing this because it’s trendy?”

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15. “How come you look so normal?”

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16. “Can I touch —”

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17. “Wait, what’s transgender mean again?”

Here’s a quick overview, or you could always just Google it.

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