15 Cartoon Characters With Beauty Looks To Steal IRL

These animated chicks all know their way around a makeup counter.

1. Princess Jasmine

Jasmine knows when you’re rocking a serious cat eye you should keep the rest of your look simple — just a light touch of lip stain and an AMAZING voluminous ponytail. (No Bumpits were harmed in the making of this hairstyle.)

ID: 1285781

2. Jem (and the Holograms)

No one does a party look like Jem and the gang. That smokey purple eye means business.

ID: 1285850

3. Jane Lane

Pale skin + vampy dark lipstick = perfection.

ID: 1285792

4. Charlotte Pickles

Angelica’s workaholic mom isn’t afraid to go bold at the office with porcelain skin, purple eyeshadow and very berry lips.

ID: 1285803

5. Lana Kane

The Archer lady goes for ’60s inspired glam: a pale pink lip, heavy mascara, and a flippant hair flip.

ID: 1285818

6. Ursula the Sea Witch

Props for her malevolent scheming and her bold use of color: Light green and aqua shadow with a fire-engine-red lip on purple skin is no easy combo to pull off. So never underestimate the power of body language, or of a varied palette.

ID: 1285882

7. Lurleen Lumpkin

The Simpsons songstress masters a truly admirable hairstyle comprised of bangs, a headband, a serious pouf, and a low pony. She tops it all off with a candy-pink lip shade for a sugar-sweet look.

ID: 1286081

8. Megara

It takes a girl with serious confidence to match her eye shadow to her dress just so. (Not to mention to work with such seriously sculpted bangs.)

ID: 1286145

9. Anastasia

A flawless formal look. Every princess should aspire to look this elegant for royal balls and other evening affairs.

ID: 1286247

10. Edna Mode

The Incredibles’ Edna Mode proves you don’t need a stitch of makeup when your blunt-bangs-with-a-bob cut is this sharp. (Or maybe you’re wearing just enough makeup to make it look like you’re not wearing any. Either way, good look!)

ID: 1286761

11. Catwoman

Obviously. If she had anything less than a stellar cat eye, she’d lose the rights to her name.

ID: 1286307

12. Oblina

OK, she’s not a human (she’s on the left in the image above). But she is workin’ that bright red lip and ultra-long lashes right out of a dubious mascara ad.

ID: 1286358

13. Betty Boop

Long lashes continued: It might take two packs of falsies to get ones as luxe as Ms. Boop’s.

ID: 1286750

14. Princess Tiana

A two-tone lip is brave (as are sculpted brows), but the monochromatic palette elsewhere means Tiana pulls the look off with aplomb.

ID: 1286384

15. Jessica Rabbit

Quite possibly the hottest animated chick of all time, Jessica’s lavender lids and sexpot red lipstick are a master class in alluring makeup.

ID: 1286406

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