10 Amazing Tech Innovations Through The Years

Now it’s easier than ever to never log off of your computer!

1. Storage

Oh, you’re still using physical media? That’s cute; we keep our data IN THE HEAVENS.

2. Communication

With international video chat and roughly a million-and-a-half social networks, it’s never been easy to Skype your cat’s TwitVid on his Tumblr-Book!

3. Design

For all the adjectives that’ve been thrown around about computers over the years, only recently has “sexy” made its way into our vocabulary. No offense, Bill.

4. Internet Access

With Wi-fi signals coming out of our Wi-fi signals, it’s never, ever been easier to connect to the world wide web. In fact, you’re probably on the Internet right this second. Call it a hunch.

5. Speed

This last decade’s drastic increase in computer speed is something of a monkey’s paw: the shorter our boot times, the shorter our attention spans get, which means that UGH BORED NOW TIME FOR CAT VIDEOS.

6. Gaming

What’s this “imagination” you speak of? Have you seen Skyrim running at maximum settings?

7. Resolution

HD computer displays: humanizing everyone on the Internet, one pore at a time.

8. Multitasking

“Oh, nothin’, just watching a Blu-ray while doing my taxes and livestreaming the Olympics in eight different languages. You?”

9. Price

It used to be that only six-figure high-rollers would go home to their own personal computers. Nowadays? We just got a complimentary netbook in our last McDonald’s Happy Meal. The times, they are a’changin’.

10. Portability

It’s never been easier to own a portable PC, and there’s never been a 15-inch notebook quite like the razor thin Series 9 laptop, Samsung’s sleekest laptop to date. This ultra-light, ultra-fast PC will make you rethink what you knew about portable computing.

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