10 Amazing Pieces Of Art Made From Obsolete Computer Parts

Bottom line: think twice before you chuck out that clunker that’s been collecting dust on your desktop. It might be an artistic breakthrough waiting to happen. Inspired by Samsung’s slickest, sleekest notebook to date, the new Series 9 laptop.

1. “Junk Dunks,” by Gabriel Dishaw

2. “World,” by Susan Stockwell

3. “Star,” by Nick Gentry

4. “Keyboard Key Viper,” by Choi Jung-hyun

5. “Dead Computers Room,” by Marek Tomasik

6. “Manhattan,” by Franco Recchia

7. “Robot,” by Miguel Rivera

8. “Mauritian Sunset,” by Sandy Smith

9. “Hummingbird Senses Sweet Data,” by Steven Rodrig

10. “Cityscape II,” by Grace Grothaus

An artistic advancement in portable computing…

Introducing the new Samsung Series 9 with 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor. At just 0.58 inches thin, you’ll rethink size. With a 9.1-second boot time, you’ll rethink speed. And with its head-turning design, you may just rethink your loyalties. Rethink the laptop at Samsung.com/series9.

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