10 Things People Need To Stop Instagramming

JUST STOP! Stop instagramming bad pictures and start taking good ones with the Samsung GALAXY Camera.

1. Coffee Cups

Repeat after us: Coffee is for drinking, not for instagramming.

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2. Nail Art

I love what you’ve done with your nails. Said no one ever.

ID: 732733

3. Food

Your fine dining options are ever so inspiring.

ID: 732805

4. Self shots

It’s scientifically proven that self shots just make you look silly.

ID: 732791

5. Feet

Um, ew?

ID: 732894

6. Clouds

Clouds. So fluffy, so ephemeral, so boring.

ID: 732997

7. Eyes

So you’re a cyclops. No need to rub it in our faces.

ID: 733013

8. Shoes

So you don’t have to walk barefoot. Big deal.

ID: 733059

9. Plane wings

We get it, your plane has wings and you’re going on vacation without us. Thanks bro.

ID: 733098

10. Duck Face

Seriously, just stop.

ID: 749950

Life’s A Photo: Take It

Tired of looking at boring pictures? Check out Samsung’s “Life’s a Photo: Take It” Instagram photo challenge: 32 Photographers from 8 cities compete to prove that their city is the most photogenic city in the world. Vote for your favorite photos by sharing them from Samsung’s tumblr.

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