18 Things That Taste Better Than Skinny Feels

When offered one of these, the answer is always yes.

1. Pizza

Recipe for this grilled summer vegetable pizza here.

2. Milkshakes

Recipe for this krispie treat milkshake here.

3. Hamburgers

Recipe for Bobby Flay’s perfect burger available here.

4. Burritos

Recipe for this smothered beef burrito here.

5. Cinnamon Rolls

Recipe for these cinnamon rolls here.

6. Quesadillas

Recipe for this jalapeño popper steak quesadilla here.

7. Fried Chicken

Recipe for this crispy Southern fried chicken here.

8. Bacon

Macey J. Foronda/BuzzFeed / Via

Recipe for this macaroni and cheese pie with a bacon lattice here.

9. Ice Cream

You don’t need a recipe — just go and buy it.

10. Sesame Chicken

Recipe for this sesame chicken here.

11. Cupcakes

Recipe for these peppermint mocha cupcakes here.

12. French Fries

Just say yes when they ask you if you’d like a side of them.

13. Chocolate Cake

Recipe for this dark-chocolate cake with ganache frosting here.

14. Nutella

Recipe for this Nutella baklava here.

15. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Recipe for these chocolate chip cookies here.

16. Grilled Cheese

Recipe for this bacon pear and raspberry grilled cheese here.

17. Nachos

Recipe for these nachos with chicken and black beans here.

18. Hummus

Just eat it.

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