The Sexiest Gay S&M Unicorn Photo Shoot You’ve Ever Seen

There are bronies, and then there are bronies. This unicorn is so NSFW.

I’m horrified and fascinated at the same time.

ID: 904029

The horn… the diamond gag… the purple mohawk… Can’t look away.

ID: 904008

Hooves! Hoof-gloves! Glooves!

ID: 903993

Best High School Year Book Photo Ever.

ID: 904011

Hot pink latex.

ID: 904032

He’s caressing his well-sculpted six-pax with hooves. I can’t even deal.

ID: 904020

Bronies on the down-low.

ID: 904022

Hot Brony Yoga, obviously.

ID: 904025

I give up.

ID: 904010

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