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Olympian Blake Skjellerup’s 13 Steps To Getting Ready For A Nude Photo Shoot

A great butt shot doesn’t just happen.

Speeder skater Blake Skjellerup did this cover photo-shoot for Gay Times magazine in July.

James Demitri /

The photos are so… um, impressive, we thought we’d ask Blake for some advice. The out Olympian obviously knows his way around a camera.

James Demitri /

Here’s what Blake told us.

Sarah Karlan/ Buzzfeed

You don’t have to chug, but hey, aim high. It clears up your skin and does all kinds of magical things like help you digest food and recover from working out.


Take care of your skin! Wear sunscreen and moisturizer.

Sarah Karlan/BuzzFeed

Find your insecurities before the camera does.


Free weights are your friends.

Sarah Karlan/ BuzzFeed

I ate lot of cucumber, egg whites, spinach, lemon juice (which helps with digestion.)

Sarah Karlan/ BuzzFeed

Whatever hair you remove (and how) is up to you.


Show that bathroom mirror who’s boss.

Sarah Karlan/BuzzFeed

Potato chips will bloat your stomach and push out your abs. (My roommate told me that and it works!)

Sarah Karlan

I listen to One Direction during my shoots!


I have it on good authority that Zayn Malik is the patron saint of nude photo shoots.

And then…. BOOM! PHOTOS!

James Demitri /

OMG! YAAASS! You look so good!

WOO! You did a nude (or nearly nude) photo-shoot! Good job! Now…



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