7 Amazing Drag Performances To Get You Through The Beyonce Drought

Imitation is the Sasha Fiercest form of flattery.

1. This is Beyoncé. She’s pretty great. You’ve probably heard of her.

ID: 1371267

2. What you haven’t heard, however, is her fifth album because it’s still not out.

ID: 1371315

3. The absence of a Beyoncé album, or even an official single, has made summer 2013 especially difficult for those of us who rely on the glory of Mrs. Carter to get by.

ID: 1371278

4. These are drag queens.

ID: 1371297

5. Drag queens love Beyoncé. It’s a rule, basically.

ID: 1371274

6. And when drag queens love a singer, they copy… umm, pay homage to her the best way they know how: by dressing, looking, and performing like her.

It’s cool though. Because the results are amazing and fabulous and fierce enough to get us through these hard Beyoncé album-less times.

ID: 1371335

7. “Run the World (Girls)” as performed by Shangela

ID: 1371107
ID: 1371349

9. “Ego” as performed by DiDa Ritz

ID: 1371122
ID: 1371346

11. “Grown Woman” as performed by Leyllah Diva Black

ID: 1371206
ID: 1371343

13. “I Care” as performed by Tyra Sanchez

ID: 1371041
ID: 1371344

15. “End of Time” as performed by Trinity Bonet

ID: 1371073
ID: 1371347

17. “Deja Vu” as performed by The Lady Shabazz

ID: 1371093
ID: 1371348

19. “Why Don’t You Love Me” as performed by Raven

ID: 1371135
ID: 1371350

21. That was fun, wasn’t it?

ID: 1371310

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