A Lot Of People Are Upset About These New Lingerie Ads Featuring Women In Tech Posing In Their Underwear

Is this empowering or does it undermine their whole message?

1. Clothing brand Dear Kate recently released controversial ads for their new “Ada Collection” lingerie line.

2. The collection, named for Ada Lovelace, the woman who created the world’s first algorithm, is an underwear line aimed at women in tech.

3. The reason the ads are so controversial? Dear Kate asked six female tech founders and CEOs to pose in their underwear for the photos.

9. The shoot was done in Refinery29’s New York City headquarters and the women’s photos are paired with inspirational quotes.

10. In the wake of the controversy, Dear Kate founder Julie Sygiel told BuzzFeed that seeing a women in her underwear has no bearing on her intelligence.

12. “We’ve gotten a wide variety of responses to the campaign, many being positive,” Sygiel said. “Telling us they appreciate seeing women actually doing things for themselves rather than simply looking sexy to attract male attention.”

14. As the ads spread around the internet, Dear Kate’s Twitter account started collecting tweets from users who actually supported the campaign.

19. But still, many aren’t convinced. Elissa Shevinksy, CEO of Glimpse Labs, told Time that the whole thing undermined the message that women in tech want to be taken seriously.

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