What If Your Favorite TV Shows Were Your Favorite Rappers?

LOST and Kanye West have way more in common than you’d think.

1. Monday night, Grammy-nominated rapper Phonte started tweeting about Breaking Bad. And then what followed were some mindblowingly accurate pair-ups of famous rappers and TV shows.

ID: 1732268
ID: 1732261

3. I think we can all agree that The Newsroom could be a lot smarter.

ID: 1732283
ID: 1732324

5. Yeezus is definitely his last season flash sideways parallel timeline thingy.

ID: 1732366
ID: 1732302

7. Kevin Spacey does seem to have a pretty unkillable vibe.

ID: 1732308
ID: 1732416

9. And The Roots and The Simpsons both seem to have that timeless quality.

ID: 1732480


ID: 1732488

11. Phonte also settles who would be Biggie and who would be Tupac.

ID: 1732508
ID: 1732523

13. And this would probably make Snoop Dogg’s Stabler Dr. Dre.

ID: 1732405

14. And being a rapper, he also matched himself up with a show.

ID: 1732544

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