This Teenage Girl Pulled Off Some Of The Best “Frozen” Cosplay You’ll Ever See

Move aside, everyone else, meet the new snow queen of cosplay.

1. This is Angela, a teenager from Long Island who is incredibly good at cosplay.

ID: 2437269

2. Not only is she really good at cosplaying just in general, she makes her costumes herself.

ID: 2437275

3. You can check out the insane amount of detail that went into her Elsa costume on her blog.

ID: 2437277

4. Angela explains on her blog that the costume was relatively easy, but incredibly time-consuming — about 250 hours.

ID: 2437272

5. She also has a walk-through of very specific makeup shape that Elsa wears in the movie.

ID: 2437315

6. Here’s a shot of all the finished pieces.

ID: 2437273

7. And then, luckily, a snowstorm arrived just in time for a photo shoot.

ID: 2437274

8. Though, Angela wrote that she wished it was bright enough outside to make the 100,000 rhinestones on the costume shine.

ID: 2437301

9. Definitely check out her Deviant Art page for more incredibly impressive cosplay projects.

ID: 2437302

(h/t: The Daily Dot)

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