This Is What Google Thinks Of Your Personal Music Taste

SPOILER: All music fans are absolutely horrible.

1. Alright, let’s start things off with electronic music fans.

ID: 1987196

5. What about hip hop though?

ID: 1988113

9. Oof, that’s harsh, what about good ol’ traditional rock fans?

ID: 1987312

12. Okay, sure, but what about like hard rock fans?

ID: 1987222

17. Yikes, well, how does the Warped Tour crowd fair?

ID: 1987243

21. Okay, not great. Do music fans on the chiller side of the spectrum do any better?

ID: 1987269

25. Well, fans of the more conservative kinds of music are nice enough, right?

ID: 1987292

29. Well, there you have it, if you are a fan of music someone out there probably hates you.

ID: 1987318

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