This Guy Used A Flash Mob To Propose To His Boyfriend In A Home Depot And It Will Melt Your Heart

My face hurts from watching this video.

1. I know what you’re thinking, Home Depot marriage proposal?

ID: 1632399

2. So, Dustin was in his local Home Depot when he was taken into the lumber section.

ID: 1632374

3. And asked to get on this staircase.

ID: 1632373

4. And then the dancers started up…

ID: 1632372

5. And he made a series of absolutely adorable faces.

ID: 1632367

7. And then his friends and family started walking in.

ID: 1632369

9. Carrying iPads and laptops of the friends and family who couldn’t make it.

ID: 1632364

10. And two awesome little girls in tutus did cartwheels.

ID: 1632362

12. And then MORE friends and family came in.

ID: 1632360

13. And then Spencer walked in holding a sign that read “If I am good to you… would you be good to me?”

ID: 1632359

14. And then Spencer led Dustin down his flight of Home Depot stairs.

ID: 1632357

15. And asked him to marry him.

ID: 1632358

16. And Dustin, of course, said yes.

ID: 1632465

17. The end.

ID: 1632466

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