This Crippled Goldfish Can Now Swim Thanks To A Homemade Life Jacket

Einstein the goldfish has a new lease on life thanks to a clever lifejacket his owner built.

1. This is Einstein the goldfish and he has a bladder disease that doesn’t allow him to swim.

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2. But the four-year-old fish’s owner came up with ingenious lifejacket, built out of recycled tubing that allows him to swim!

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3. The life jacket took Einstein’s owner three hours to make, building it from fish tank aeration tubes.

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4. Einstein will unfortunately have to wear it the rest of his life, but it allows him to move about the tank and feed himself.

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5. Swim bladder disease in fish is commonly referred to as flipover and affects an organ in the fish that affects its buoyancy.

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6. Einstein’s owner isn’t the first fish owner to build a lifejacket for their fish. This is goldfish is wearing a harness built to keep this afloat too.

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